eBusiness Hosting and Internet Services

At eBusiness Hosting & Internet Services we specialize in Turnkey Solutions for small to medium sized Internet business. All you need is Internet access and a web browser.

If you want to sell your product, idea or service on the Internet but you don't know the first thing about shopping carts, credit card processing, merchant service accounts, payment gateways, secure servers, secure communications, encryption, SSL, domain names, web site design, hosting, Search Engines placement or Pay-Per-Placement advertising and monitoring services eBusiness Hosting and Internet Services can help! Our Turnkey eBusiness Solutions® require you to know no more than how to use a web browser. You tell us what you want to do on the Internet and we do the rest!

No technical jargon, just a finished, working, online web site ready to start taking orders and accepting online real-time payments from your customers.

We also provide hosting services ranging from simple do-it-yourself hosting to Virtual Private Hosting to Managed Private Hosting on a variety of server platforms running operating systems including FreeBSD Unix, Sun Solaris Unix and Windows 2000/2003 for those who want to do it themselves.